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Native Instruments - KORE 2 - Universal Sound Platform Integrates Software Instruments / Effects + Controller

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Native Instruments - KORE 2 - Universal Sound Platform Integrates Software Instruments / Effects + Controller
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KORE 2 is a universal sound platform that will integrate all your software instruments and effects into a single, unified interface.

KORE 2 - Sound Unique

KORE 2 stands for unique sound - in no time. Transform your computer into a Super Instrument - find, play, combine, and create sounds with unparalleled speed, power and ease.

Premium Sounds Included

KORE 2 produces an ocean of sound right from the start by integrating the most powerful Native Instruments audio engines with more than 500 KoreSounds® included. Furthermore, KORE 2 is infinitely expandable with any Audio Unit™/VST®-plug-in.

Find Sounds Fast

KORE 2 makes finding the desired sound a breeze - simply choose its musical characteristics in the new and expanded KoreSound Browser or use the text search function.

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Tweak Sounds Instantly

In KORE 2, software generated sound acquires the tactile feel of hardware. The KORE Controller's high resolution, touch-sensitive controls guarantee tangibly direct analog-style sound manipulation.

Integrated Audio Engines / 500 Sounds / Sound Morphing

KORE 2 is a hardware/software system of truly inspirational capabilities. Encompassing a huge array of exceptional, immediately production-ready sounds, a unique work-flow optimizing interface and a new, seamlessly integrated controller; KORE 2 lets you sound unique – in no time.

500 KoreSounds

500 unique, production-ready KoreSounds have been specially created for KORE 2 using the integrated sound generators, effects and advanced MIDI tools arpeggiator, step sequencer and MIDI player), incorporating ingenious routing and layering.

Through the combination of high-end sound generators with the unique potential of KORE 2, the on-board sounds boast an unparalleled level of detail and depth.

The focus has been laid on universally applicable yet innately tweakable sounds and instruments. Useful parameters of every on-board sound have been individually mapped to the KORE Controller, allowing for highly detailed editing. Playing and customizing sounds has never been this easy and musical.

Sound Variations and Sound Morphing

Any KoreSound can encompass up to 8 sound variations - 8 articulations of one sound enabling you to emphasize varying settings and nuances as part of the musical flow. The 500 on-board sounds have been specially programmed with a wealth of variations.

The real innovation herby is the ability to morph sounds between their respective sound variations. For example, a KoreSound can start as a bass-heavy MASSIVE sound, morph into a crystalline FM8 pad, gradually distort (through the addition of a GUITAR RIG 2 effect) and finally dissolve, (through the addition of a delay plug-in) in a haze of reverb.

There are practically no limits to how sounds can be morphed. Virtually any parameter of a KoreSound can be set as a sound variation. Internal mixer settings, volume/pan/send settings, MIDI information, audio and effect parameters as well as the sound settings of the plug-ins can be saved with a sound variation, thus making them available for morphing.

Whether smoothly morphing between sound variations with two of the KORE Controller's rotary dials or switching between variations with the 8 controller buttons – both processes can be automated in the audio host.

Workflow Acceleration with New User Interface

The newly remodelled, radically simplified user interface has been specifically tailored to optimize and accelerate workflow.

Create faster, work smarter

The new Sound Matrix lets you combine KoreSounds, plug-ins, effects, MIDI file players, step sequencers, appregiators and even entire performances (consisting of multiple KoreSounds) in any combination. Simple drag and drop operation in one unified interface for all file types minimizes the time spent managing files and maximizes creativity.

Want to fuse an ABSYNTH pad with an FM8 lead sound and pattern delay? Combine an appregiator with a REAKTOR sound? Trigger a KONTAKT drum kit with a MIDI player?

KORE 2 handles all elements (whether KoreSounds, plug-ins, effects, performances or MIDI modules) in the same way and using just one interface. Making, manipulating and working with sounds and plug-ins becomes direct and intuitive as never before.

Complexity made easy

The entire sound architecture has been condensed in such a way that any number of mixer structures, including audio and MIDI routing can be nested inside each other, while simultaneously retaining maximum clarity. The topmost level in the KORE interface is also the simplest, allowing an immediate, musically intuitive approach - even highly complex KoreSounds are incredibly ease to use. Through double-clicking, the user can access KOREs deeper levels, enabling increasingly profound sound manipulation.

Uniform operation in plug-in or stand alone mode

Organize your entire KORE rig for playing live, use performance presets to switch between sounds, channel settings, effect parameters and more. KORE 2 now offers the same powerful features, whether in stand alone or plug-in mode.

Flexible MIDI Routing

MIDI control data from the MIDI file player, arpeggiator, step sequencer or any other MIDI generating plug-in can now be routed - in the same flexible way as audio - to any number of sound destinations. For example, use a REAKTOR sequencer to trigger ABSYNTH sounds.

Flexible Aux Routing

Creativity without bounds – in KORE 2 an unlimited number of aux channels are now at your disposal. Send the output of individual plug-ins to their own individual channels, or for further processing to other channels. Aux channels are created dynamically and are displayed only when needed.

Kore 2

  • High performance KoreSound browser with ultra fast quicksearch function
  • All KORE 2 compatible file formats / elements (KoreSounds, MIDI files, performances, plug-ins, integrated effects) can be managed AND tagged.
  • Individual Sound Attributes / Tags: in addition to the multitude of pre-existing categories you can now tag your sounds, plug-ins, effects, MIDI files, etc. according to your own criteria.
  • KoreSounds can be saved by drag and drop in the KoreSound browser.
  • Multi-file editing: multiple KoreSounds can be saved and tagged simultaneously (for example, newly added bass sounds can be tagged as "Bass – Analog – Low – Hip Hop").
  • Batch Import: Entire preset programs of 3rd party Audio Unit / VST plug-ins can be imported in one go; after which they are instantly usable as KoreSounds.
  • Faster plug-in pre-listening -simply click on a plug-in in the Sound Matrix and step through its presets.
  • Text search and category selection can be used in combination, i.e., searching for MASSIVE in the text search field with additional categories (for example "Bass", "Analog") will show results for MASSIVE analog bass sounds.

Kore 2 Controller

  • Significantly tighter interaction with the KORE 2 software on all levels.
  • New navigation buttons with precise pressure points.
  • Optimized navigation area with a slightly altered layout. Load, control, perform, morph and save - directly from the hardware.
  • New, precision jog wheel for scrolling through functions and lists.
  • Compact design, no longer includes audio interface.
  • Security slot for Kensington locks.


  • Unified software / hardware system to instantly find, play and control sounds
  • Includes audio engines* from REAKTOR 5, MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 4, FM8, KONTAKT 2 and GUITAR RIG 2 with 500 unique KoreSounds
  • Sound Variations enrich every KoreSound with up to 8 variations that can be morphed into each other
  • Perfectly integrated hardware controller for analog-style sound control and complete software navigation
  • Loads Audio Unit™- und VST-plug-ins with easy preset import for immediate use
  • Ultra-fast KoreSound-Browser lets you find any sound according to its musical attributes
  • Drag and Drop user interface for a fast and inspiring workflow that liberates creativity
  • 30 top quality effects ranging from classic to inspiring creative tools
  • Powerful routing/layering possibilities based on a highly flexible audio and MIDI signal flow
  • Built-in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer with real-time control
  • Preconfigured for smooth use with KOMPLETE 4 and NI KOMPLETE SOUND 2


  • KORE 2 as a host loads: VST, Audio Units
  • KORE 2 as an 'instrument' runs: Stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, RTAS under Pro Tools 7
  • Supported Drivers: Core Audio, ASIO, DirectSound

System Requirements


  • Mac OSX 10.4.x
  • G4 1 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • USB 2.0 Port


  • Win XP / Vista (32 Bit)
  • Pentium / Athlon 1.4 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • USB 2.0 Port

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