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Radial - PHZ-LB Phazer - 500 Series Module Phase Adjustment Tool in the Lunchbox Module Format

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Radial Engineering - PHZ-LB Phazer - 500 Series Module Phase Adjustment Tool in the Lunchbox Module Format
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The Radial Phazer LB is a phase alignment tool that is primarily used to timealign the fundamental frequencies of two sources. This could be two microphones, two direct boxes or combinations. For instance, combining a mic'd guitar cabinet with a direct feed from say a Radial JDX can deliver huge fat tones or the type of mid-range signature reminiscent ofTomSchultz's Bostonian hits.

Where things can get really interesting is when you combine two sources and use phase cancellation to move instruments in and out of the mix.

Unlike digital delays or chip based phase adjustment devices, the Phazer employs 100% discreet, class-A, 'old-school' type electronics to deliver the warm, natural tone. This lends more of an organic rendering to the tone which can be very pleasing.

The Phazer features a variable 180 control plus a polarity reverse that reaches the entire 360 phase shift range. This is supplemented with a separate low-pass filter that enables the engineer to focus the effect on the more audible low frequency spectrum.

The Phazer's Omniport is used to deliver a direct (un-processed) output to allow multiunit patching and experimentation with phase cancellation as an alternative to regular equalizer for tone shaping.

Lunch-Box Series Modules

The Radial Engineering LB Series Lunch-Box Modules are designed to fit the popular API 500 series format.

According to Radial President Peter Janis: "For years, high-end studios have enjoyed the advantage of being able to patch-in various effects using a standard lunchbox rack when particular effects were needed. The advantage of this system is that because all of the effects share the same power supply and audio connections, switching modules is a simple matter of unscrewing two bolts and sliding in or out the desired module. This convenience is a natural for the ever growing project and pro-home based studio market. We intend to offer a complete range of modules over the next few years and are pleased to announce the first of them today. The beauty of the lunchbox design is that musicians can mix and match modules and fit them inside various off-the-shelf racks to suit their needs. It can only lead to more fun and creativity!"

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Sunday 11 October, 2009
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Radial Engineering

Radial Engineering

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Radial PHZ-LB Phazer
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