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Rycote - InVision USM - Universal Studio Mount Large Diaphragm Microphone Shock Mount

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Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd - InVision USM - Universal Studio Mount Large Diaphragm Microphone Shock Mount
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Get serious about your vocal sound!
Remove The Weak Link From Your Recording Chain!

If you want a quality vocal sound, you need quality components all the way down the line. You’ve invested in good mics and mic preamps; why let your sound down with a throwaway elasticated microphone suspension?

21st Century Suspension

Most suspensions rely on the same basic elastic cats-cradle concept, a design that has remained unchanged for nearly 60 years. The InVision USM, by contrast, makes use of 21st-century technology and materials.

The InVision USM is based on Rycote’s patented vibration-reducing Lyre mounts, and can accept round and square-sided large-diaphragm instrument mics from 18 to 55mm in diameter. Attenuation of unwanted vibrations, handling and stand-borne noise is up to 12dB better than traditional elasticated designs. That means it’s often twice as good across the frequency spectrum!

The InVision USM Lyres are extremely durable; made from an unbreakable material, Hytrel, they will never lose their tension or need re-threading.

Why leave a weak link in your high-quality vocal recording chain?

Be serious all the way from your singer to your final mix with a Rycote USM.

The InVision Studio Mount provides much better isolation from vibration across the frequency spectrum – often double that of most conventional elasticated shock mounts.

InVision USM Universal Studio Mount - Up to 12dB better isolationThese measurements (right, click to enlarge), which compare the effects of vibration on a mic mounted in two different suspensions across the audible frequency spectrum, were taken with a typical side-address large-diaphragm cardioid studio microphone mounted on a boom stand. Conditions were kept close to those found in a normal studio. The excitation signal was pink noise.

This microphone has an internal rubber mount for the capsule, which affords some built-in isolation from vibration. However this only has a useful effect from about 170Hz upwards.

The conventional elastic suspension provides an improved degree of isolation from about 70Hz but has poor self-damping, resulting in a mild amplification of stand noise around 50Hz.

A Better Microphone Suspension

Rycote is renowned throughout the entertainment, recording and broadcast industries for its skill in isolating microphones from unwanted noise.

The InVision USM uses Rycote’s patented Lyre technology to suspend studio microphones safely, and isolate them from the low-frequency thumps and rumbles that are transmitted through microphone stands.

Microphone Versatility

  • Microphones can be oriented vertically or horizontally.
  • The InVision USM is designed to provide equal isolation around 360° and is thus suitable for all side-address omni, cardioid, figure-of-eight and supercardioid microphones.

Microphones need to be fitted into the InVision USM so that their centre of gravity is close to the level of the outer ring. You can use a microphone horizontally but at the end of the session please store it vertically.

The level of isolation depends on many factors, including the mass of the microphone, its polar pattern, the stand and clamp used, and the surface it stands on.

Locking System

The locking system for the InVision USM uses 4 precision-made stainless steel screws, with soft rubber grip ends.

The screws can be adjusted to fit almost any shape and profile within an overall microphone diameter of 18 to 55 mm.

The grip surface of the pads allows the InVision USM to hold the microphone securely upside down, with minimal pressure from the screws.


Part Number 044901
Suspension weight 154g (34.0 oz)
Overall diameter 120mm (4.72”)
Length 170mm (6.69”)
Depth 70mm (2.75”)
Suspension rotation 175°
Thread Brass 3/8” & 5/8”
Microphone diameter 18 - 55mm (0.7 - 2.2”)
Maximum weight Horizontal 500g (17.6 oz)
Maximum weight Vertical 750g (26.5 oz)

Choose From Two Models: USM Standard or USM-L Lite

Rycote InVision USM Universal Studio MountChoosing the correct InVision Studio Mount, will depend entirely on your application. For instance, if as a vocalist you intend only to use the microphone in a vertical orientation, you will find that the best isolation is often achieved with the Lite version. To realize the utmost in versatility, the USM standard mount equipped with stiffer black lyres will also allow you to tilt your microphone in many various angles, suitable for Drum Overheads, for example.

In general the InVision USM and USM-L will fit any microphone from 18 to 55mm in diameter, including models with round, flat-sided and tapered barrels. Four precision-made stainless-steel screw clamps fitted with soft rubber adjustable pads, hold the microphone giving you total confidence in any mounting orientation. Both models are fitted with an integral cable clamp, a swivel base threaded for 3/8-inch stands, and include a 5/8 inch brass stand adapter for typical microphone stands.

Should I use the USM or the USM-L?

Click here for recommendations for specific microphone makes, models and applications [PDF 80 KB]

For hi-resolution pictures of the inVision USM and USM-L, click here

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InVision USM - Standard Universal Studio Mount Shock Mount [044901] $119.94  Add to Cart  

InVision USM-L - Lite Universal Studio Mount Shock Mount [044903] $119.94  Add to Cart  

Wednesday 24 February, 2010
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Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd

Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd

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Rycote InVision USM
Rycote InVision USM Standard Universal Studio Mount
Rycote InVision USM Standard Universal Studio Mount (click to enlarge)

Rycote InVision USM-L Lite Universal Studio Mount
Rycote InVision USM-L Lite Universal Studio Mount (click to enlarge)

Rycote Invision USM with Rode NT1A
Rycote Invision USM with Rode NT1A (click to enlarge)

Rycote InVision USM-L with AKG C414
Rycote InVision USM-L with AKG C414 (click to enlarge)

Rycote InVision USM-L with AKG C414 close-up
Rycote InVision USM-L with AKG C414 close-up (click to enlarge)

Rycote InVision USM with Neumann TLM103
Rycote InVision USM with Neumann TLM103 (click to enlarge)

Rycote Invision USM with Audio-Technica AT4050
Rycote Invision USM with Audio-Technica AT4050 (click to enlarge)

Microphone Compatibility Chart
Microphone Compatibility Chart (click to enlarge)
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